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You may contact this website by sending an email to the website administration. However the subject line of your email must include the current codeword.

This website has been subjected to excessive spam. Consequently, email that does not include the current codeword in the subject line of the email is automatically deleted. So if you are a real person with a real message, please include the codeword in the subject of your email.

The email address is

The codeword to be included in the subject of your email is ivanhoe

For example, when you write an e-mail, the top might appear something like this:

From :
Subject: comment about Mundi Mundi plain - ivanhoe

I want to comment on the information about the Mundi Mundi plain ........

Adding Comments to Articles

If you wish to add comments to an article, you may send your comments in an email to the website administration, as outlined above.